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Look Here to Find Out How the Ditch is Running Today!
Sometimes it is necessary to close some or all of the ditch to prevent floods, manage debris flows or do general maintenance.  Here is a handy key to the terms we will use to describe the status of the ditch:

1. UPPER DITCH = the stretch from the main Animas River diversion down to Hermosa Creek

2. MIDDLE DITCH = the stretch from the Hermosa Creek to Waterfall Ranch

3. LOWER DITCH = the stretch from Waterfall Ranch to the south end of the Ditch.
As of - 07/26/2021

               UPPER               MIDDLE               LOWER

 Status:      OPEN                      OPEN  *                 OPEN*

HELLO ALL DITCH USERS:  Currently the entire ditch is open.  Last night around 9:30pm Dan and Chris had to emergency shut down the middle section of the ditch for about a half an hour, and the lower, overnight.  This was done, because the water in the ditch was extremely dirty and they were trying to protect the integrity of the water heading south down to the end of the ditch.  

This will be an ongoing situation while the monsoon season lasts, and much of the challenges are due to the burn scars from the 416 Fire.  Please continue to do your due diligence by checking your pumps and headgates daily.  Call Chris Bell at 970-946-2437 or Dan James at 970-799-0782.

We do our best to send out notices, but unfortunately it is not always possible, especially when we are in a potential heightened response / emergency situation. We, Dan, Chris, and myself, are working together to come up with a plan of action to ensure we are able to try to reach out to our ditch users as quickly as possibly. Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation.  

A REMINDER TO ALL: Dumping anything into the ditch is not permitted and is subject to a $400 fine to recoup the costs of clearing. 

Please contact our ditch rider Chris Bell at 970-946-2437 for all things related to the physical ditch.

All other inquires please email or call Jess Mitchell at 970-426-5537 or via email at

A REMINDER TO ALL: Dumping anything into the ditch is not permitted and is subject to a $400 fine to recoup the costs of clearing.

As always, there may be times of temporary closure.  These may come without warning.  Please be certain you have low pressure shutoff devices on your pumps to avoid damage.