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September 20, 2018

Time For Action Regarding Water Usage

To All Shareholders,

We need your help!  As you know, it has been a challenging year for the Animas Consolidated Ditch Company. Your Ditch Walker, his crew and Board of Directors have been working feverishly to keep the water flowing through severe drought conditions, fires, flooding, and mudslides. Despite these efforts, there isn't enough water flowing in the Animas River and Hermosa Creek to meet our full needs. We are diverting every drop we can. However, it is only enough to meet two-thirds of the flow needed to maintain flowing water all the way to the end of the ditch at United Campground.

Some of us require water to make our living because we have livestock, agricultural fields, orchards, commercial and home vegetable gardens. Others of us need water for aesthetic purposes, such as lawns, ponds, and flower beds. Regardless of your situation, this the time we all need to take action.  Please, cut back on your water usage!

Here are suggestions on how your cutback can be achieved:

  • If you have a headgate and you must run water continuously, close your headgate down about one third.
  • If you have a headgate and you use water periodically, open your headgate less frequently.
  • If you have a pump or siphon, be mindful to monitor your water usage closely to avoid any waste.
  • If your water use is for aesthetic reasons, please consider curtailing this use through the rest of this season.

At the beginning of this drought year, the ACD board drew up a game plan for monitoring each shareholder's water use. This plan would be very expensive to implement and still is considered a last resort. Today is September 20th. That is good news. There are likely only two or three more weeks of growing season before it frosts hard and plants go dormant. We are almost there. By working together, we can get through the end of the year. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Best Regards,

Your Board of Directors,
Dan James, President
Tim Holt, Vice President
Ed Zink, Secretary/Treasurer
Eric Bikis
Brett Shaffer